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Here find the latest radios added to our site.

This is a 1930's RCA when it was still radiola, birds eye maple inlays and sliding doors with egyptian motif all around.  The top is four piece beautifully matched and the legs are turned one piece sets.  This radio comes on but blows the 80 tube each time, a shorted grounding capacitor is suspect.  These were buried in tar and not easy to replace.

This Norelco is possibly from the late forties or early fifties and works, it has AM and FM which was present in Europe but not here in may places as yet.  It has the classic seeing eye tube and the push buttons do not select stations but rather select AM, FM, short wave, on and off etc.  The case is bakelite and in beautiful condition but the radio hums a bit but the hum cannot be heard if the volume is loud enough to hear normally.  An unusual feature of this radio is that the tuning resistors, for tone etc, can be seen in windows moving in and out and are saw toothed shape, each having its own knob. SOLD


A like new Zenith portable right out of the fifties, works great.

Very nice working RCA bakelite set from the fifties.