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 We have in collection right now 34 silent movie advertising glass slide, these photos are not the slides themselves but printed reproductions, all project very well and many have holders as you can see.  Please call for quote, 503-284-5156 and bid if you like but these are so rare that they will go for a very high price.  We have not been able to find several of these and associated actors in any web site and this may indicate that these slides are the only hard evidence of the movies and actors involved in those particular slides.  The list follows.

 Charlie Chaplin Gold Rush, Buster Keaton The General, Douglas Fairbanks the Black Pirate, Hoot Gibson Dead game, Jackie Coogan A boy of Flanders, Baby peggy The poor kid-Jack and the beanstalk-Our Pet. 34 slides in all in a wonderful collection, all view perfect, many have holders, will not part out. Clem Beaucamp-George Davis-Phil Dunham Sure Cure, Billy Dooley-Dumb Belles, Al Cooke-Lorraine Eason-Danny Oshea-Thelma Hill Not so big(wise crackers), Monkey comedy series westward whoa, Arthur Trimble-Doreen Turner-Tige Lookot Buster, On Furlough, Ben Turpin Broke in China, Wanda Wiley Getting Trimmed, Emil Jannings The Last Laugh, Michael O Halloran, Jack Holt The Tigers Claw, Down to the sea in ships, House Peters-Matt Moore-Virginia Valli-Josef Swichard The Storm, The Gringo Devil, Big Boy Williams Wolf heart rose of the desset, Yakima Canutt White Thunder, Bert Lytell-Billie Dove The lone wolf returns, Cullen Landis-Dorthy Dawn-Jimmy Aubrey Perils of the coast guard, Jackie Hoxie The red warning, William S Hart Truthful Tulliver, Bill Cody Love on the rio grande, Ray Gllager-Alma Bennet Hidden Gold, Dempsey Sharkey fight ad, Ad slide for the theater. 13 with holders. Sample pic shows printed image and is not a good example of how well these project, projected image is perfect. Call 503-284-5156 A rare collection indeed. Bidding starts at $5,000 us dollars for entire collection, will not part out.  Contact for more pics. 

The slides I have that I have not been able to find any evidence of the movie elsewhere are…

Sure cure

Dumb Belles

Not so big

Lookout Buster

Getting trimmed

The gringo devil

Hidden gold