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Wagons Ho news letter January 2011 this year we will go completely through the construction of an old farm wagon in our newsletters. To donate or join call 503-284-5156

Beginning with the felloe of the wheel, with words and illustrations, we will touch on and discuss each topic, of which there are twelve, thoroughly in the meetings, with some hands on, the January meeting will be the second Tuesday of the month at 7PM to 8:30 at 3317 NE 67 avenue, please reserve a place by phone confirmation 503-284-5156.

Making the felloe, fellow, felly, fellies, etc

This is part one of wheel making; first we will discuss the felloe, we will use this spelling throughout, there are many spellings of this word, in my opinion the hardest part of the wheel to get right.


You will need a set of trammels to strike a large arc like 36” or more.


Next a set of dividers that can extend to a foot of more, they need not have

The club this month added a model building aspect, several club members have built model wagons of the 1850's era and we show pictures, if you wish to purchase any of these call 503-284-5156 Portland, Oregon ask for Tom. The first is a five foot model of a conestoga wagon.

 The next is the 20 mule team Borax wagons, we have twenty different types of wagons in kit form, these and eighteen more. Surrey, doc buggy, farm wagon, chuck wagon, circus, water tank, delivery, mail, and many more will be ready soon. Call 503-284-5156 Portland.  ask for Tom.


Wagons Ho Club is an organazation for restoring, refirbishing and saving historical farm wagons and equipment. Call 503-284-5156 to join.