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Models of wagons from the 1800's call 503-284-5156 To donate call 503-284-5156


At present we have 22 different models fully assembled $125.00 each, or in kit form $52.00

call 503-284-5156 



Twenty mule team borax wagon, we do not supply animals unless you order them, tack is

also extra. 


1840 Conestoga covered wagon, this is a freight wagon, no seat. 

Hook and ladder wagon about 1889.

We have surrey', delivery, farm wagons, lumber, circus, water, and many more daily, ask about

building a special wagon for you. 503-284 5156. 

We rebuild old far wagons and put them on display. We have over 24 museum stations at present. The following pictures are of some of those stations.






Old radios.